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Outdoor lighting
South lake park
Guangdong Huadian cooperated with the design and construction units in accordance with the night view lighting guidance requirements of the city government, worked hard, made meticulously, achieved elegance and common appreciation, and satisfied all parties. It not only met the market’s higher demand for Nanhu Park, but also improved the city’s functional quality. The comprehensive effect of the project.
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Light Cube—LED CITY
Light cube, LED city project extension: French three-dimensional lighting show rely on their own accurate positioning, cubic, the design of LED light city building facade USES today's international advanced technology and trends, use of new materials of building decoration, for ¥50 million(estimate $8 million) to build a 2000 ㎡ LED light media, LED display studio features, integration of sound and light, deduce plenty of the great shock stereo images at any time, make people linger. Change boundless 1600 ㎡ LED hollow awning, gorgeous diamond LED lights, closely fit the dynamic dance spirit's theme of the LED city, deduce the giant LED lights work!
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Wujiang Greenland in Suzhou city
3000m² Digital curtain wall
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Xiangyang Greenland Center
The Xiangyang Greenland Central Plaza project is located on the west line of the Inner Ring Road. The planned land area is 843 mu. Shanghai Greenland Group invested 12 billion yuan. The construction period is 3 years. In 2013, it is estimated to invest 2.4 billion yuan. The total construction area is 1.02 million square meters, of which the commercial area is 460,000 square meters.
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