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Project cases
Wall washer light up the height 2.4M glass wall
It's our wall washer XQ0505 used on 2.4M height glass wall; beam angle: 10*35°, RGBW four-in one,24PCS LED, 36W.
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Yangsigang Yangtze River Bridge
The bridge has taken full consideration of the overall project planning and road matching, and adopted a double deck design. Our company is honored to participate in the lower layer lighting project of the Yangsigang Bridge, and the project-specific floodlights can reach the light without the light. On the golden bridge, the lamps and buildings are integrated, and you can feel the beauty of the bridge at close range. When night falls, the lamps gradually light up. From a distance, it looks like a long dragon lying in the river, amazed the world !
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Overpass project
Light up the overpass and anti-glare for the drivers on the way.
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Aegean place
The most attractive feature of Aegean place is the panoramic giant LED screen wall. The unique 8000㎡ panoramic giant LED screen wall, combined with multiple innovative art installations and trend checkpoints, creates a fashionable, fun, and dreamy experience for consumers; a commercial space that shifts the scenery and makes consumers feel 100% Urban life art aesthetics.
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South lake park
Guangdong Huadian cooperated with the design and construction units in accordance with the night view lighting guidance requirements of the city government, worked hard, made meticulously, achieved elegance and common appreciation, and satisfied all parties. It not only met the market’s higher demand for Nanhu Park, but also improved the city’s functional quality. The comprehensive effect of the project.
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Parrot Chau Bridge
A famous bridge lighted up by our lights.
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