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Ancient buildings and river banks
Huashan Mountain in Shanxi
Huashan mountain, which height is five thousand meters, cut into four quarters when view it from far. It also looks like flower, so the ancient prose named flower mountain. There are some stones shape like a lotus petals on the top of huashan mountain. The famous poet Libai poetized"Stone looks like lotus and cloud likes platform" for them, The ancients also called it as lotus mountain! Since ancient times, the Confucian prefer "white lotus"!
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Yellow crane tower
Yellow crane tower is famous for "THE FIRST TOWER OF THE WORLD" . It located at the southern bank of Yangtze river in wuhan, hubei province. It was first built in The Three Kingdoms PERIOD WE Huang Wu SECOND years (AD 223), It's national 5A grade scenic spot, AND one of the three famous towers in jiangnan area. Which enjoyed the reputation of "Greatness".
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The Grand Canal in Yangzhou
The Grand Canal Feeds the Yangzhou and is the "root" of Yangzhou. In the new century, we should develop and use the vigorously canal culture resources, to make positive contribution to the economic development and social progress through tourism culture. Application of LED outline lights, wall washer lights etc, For outline lights, there are many situations like broken outline lights, dropped installation parts, cable leakage, PC tube become yellow color and so on; for wall washer light, there are more serious situations like light angle different, broken light etc.which influence to the night scenery of the ancient canal , the ancient canal landscape project arises at the historic moment.
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Chinese yellow river tower
This project applies our wall light and flood light,etc. to make people feel the charm of the Yellow River by lighting up the atmosphere and vitality of the Yellow River in the night.
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